Pet’s Corner

Whilst we are all making provisions to look after ourselves and close ones, one thought that may go unnoticed is animal care. What do you do if you or someone you know can’t look after their pets for a period of time? Some useful links below:

Charlecote Pet Store – Contact – 01789 470881

Jo Cutts – Dog walking and boarding in her home and in an emergency day or night.. Also offers dog walking for those unable to leave the house. Please phone to talk needs and to make arrangements. Telephone 07761088957 or 01789 470118

Sarah Lambert – Small animals, eg guinea pigs, mice, hamsters etc to be kept in cages. No rabbits. Telephone – 01789 471103

Ruth Morgan – Rabbit care. Rabbits who are caged outside, no free running in or outdoors. Telephone – 01789 841636

Jim Eltringham – Snakes and reptiles. Telephone – 07952 200032

Hunscote Kennels for dog boarding. Evidence of up to date vaccinations is required plus a detailed conversations about your pet prior to admission. No mastiffs or German shepherd dogs.
Telephone – 01789 840472

Jackie Andrews – Small animal care, such as Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Chickens and Ducks. Please ring to discuss your animal needs further if required. Telephone – 01789 508699

If you know of any other useful links please do get in contact with us. We currently do not have anyone able to look after a caged bird / aviary.